Our story

Rustic Pastry was created in 2020 by me, Yann Pierre-Jean, a native of the French Caribbean. Amsterdam has been my home in The Netherlands since 2013, and the base for my former working life in international fashion.

During the downtime of 2020 I was inspired to expand my horizons, and to pursue my long term passion for simple, good food and baking. And so, Rustic Pastry was born and my signature ’rustic tart’ is its heartbeat.

Yann Pierre-Jean, Owner of Rustic Pastry

We bake delicious tarts daily in our local kitchen, and offer a curated selection of seasonal and specialised groceries in our epicerie. We are vegan-friendly, and we’re obsessed with sourcing the very best of organic and seasonal ingredients.

It’s hard to beat our best-selling classic apple and cinnamon rustic tart, and we’re constantly evolving our menu to capture seasonal ingredients and flavours as they come and go throughout the year.

You can find us online at www.rusticpastry.nl. We deliver to the Amsterdam metropolitan area as well as to Eindhoven and Den Bosch. Soon we will deliver across The Netherlands.

Drop us a line: hello@rusticpastry.nl